Letters From Our Customers

Katie & Brandon’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception
“Marc, We absolutely want to thank you so much for coming in at the last minute and making Katie’s wedding very beautiful with all the music and help you gave us. It truly would NOT have been the same without you and the neighborly love you showed us. If there is ever anything we can do to help you guys, anytime, please let me know. Your card and number will be placed in the flight lounge at Southwest Airlines with your permission, along with a HUGE recommendation from us. Cannot thank you enough for making her special day work out perfectly.”
All the best,
Matthew & Erin, Mother and Father of the Bride

Sweetheart Sorority Social Ball
“Y’all put so much time and effort into a wonderful show! Thank you for all of the pre-planning. Getting all that music right for each theme was so much fun. And, thanks for getting people on the dance floor!” 🙂
Tiffany, Event Coordinator

Erin & Joel’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception
“You guys were great! I just want to thank ya’ll again for helping to make our day the best we could have ever hoped for!”
Erin, Bride

Aryanna & Renee’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Beautiful Persian/Brazilian Wedding
All planning took place between~Brazil~Malaysia~U.S.A.

“Dear Marc,

We are finally all awake and recovered from jet lag in our respective parts of the world. I wanted to take a moment and thank you for all that you did for us the last month and the evening of the wedding. As we have had time to reflect, we all agree that your services were the most valued throughout the wedding. You kindly kept us focused, organized, gave wonderful suggestions, and metaphorically helped us put out fires on the evening of the wedding.

As we looked back and saw the many clips of video etc, . . Marc was helping to light candles, etc . . . It was obvious you went above the call of duty, and we will be eternally grateful for your help. You kept the event hopping with music from three cultures, and our guests were seldom in their seats. Everyone commented on what a great job you did and how much fun they had.

Planning this wedding from three continents was not an easy task, and without your help, we would not have been able to pull it off in the manner that it unfolded. You may use us as a reference any time you need one, for we are your biggest fans. We will definitely use your services in the future.”

Warmest Regards and blessings for your continued success,

The Amini Family
Michele, Mother of the Bride

Additional Wedding Review For

Aryanna & Renee’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception
Beautiful Persian/Brazilian Wedding
All planning took place between~Brazil~Malaysia~U.S.A.

“I love love love them! They were great, they are very experienced and made the whole process so easy. I had no idea where to start and they sent timelines, suggestions, constantly kept in touch to find out what was going on. The day of the wedding they were nothing but professional and helped keep everything moving smoothly, from starting the wedding to entrance of the bride and introductions into the reception. Not to mention, my music requests were so broad because I have part persian family, but I’m American who likes to dance to I guess what you would call “club music” along with the slow songs and oldies AND I was marrying a brazilian. About 4 types of music and they kept the night trasitioning so smoothly! The dance floor was never empty and even the night of I wanted to change the father daughter song and they got it done! I would highly recommend them!”
Aryanna, Bride

Sara & Ron’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception
“MJDJ Service was a great choice for my wedding. Marc was friendly and professional, and I couldn’t have asked for a better DJ for my big day!”
Sara, Bride

Denisa & Dan’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception
“I just wanted to thank you guys for doing a great job! I know my sister had a great time! My mother even complimented you guys on a job well done! We will definitely recommend you to friends and family that are in need of a DJ!”
Jeanine, Sister of the bride

“It was great seeing you again last night! Y’all did a GREAT job again! I think very highly of you and Marc. Y’all are both great people! So kind and so thoughtful. You don’t find that too often.”
Previous Client

Borghese Annual Halloween Party
“Hey Guys! Thanks so much for the other night! I hope yall had as much fun as we did! I love the slide show, its awesome! Thank you very much!”

Sandee & Mark’s Wedding Ceremony & Reception
“Have you ever considered going in to Wedding Planning too? You made the difference in taking the stress off of both of us the day of our wedding. The evening went so well because of the extra work you went to just to make our day special for us. I am certain that this is the way you always do business with all your customers, not just for the two of us. Businesses could take lessons from you on how to provide excellent customer service. The planning and preparation to provide exactly what we wanted was well worth the time and effort it took before our wedding.”
Mark, Groom

“Marc was absolutely wonderful! He was professional, courteous, well organized, flexible, and fun. Our song choices were extremely varied, some unconventional, and last minute changes were accommodated without hesitation. MJDJ worked with us to customize solo’s, special requests, hard to find music, and did all of this without any problems. Thanks to their help, things went off without a problem and a great time was had by all. They made our wedding ceremony and reception one that will be remembered for many years as the best one that anyone has ever been to! If I could rate them higher than 5 stars, I would as they deserve it. Again, we can’t begin to tell you what a great time we had at the wedding – a lot due to you! You are the greatest! I told Mark that I wish we could do it all over again without the wedding stress, with your music but have Marc as a guest! We hope things are well with you! We tell everyone about you and I hope some of our good words bring you more business! You were absolutely the best!”
Sandee, Bride

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