Frequently Asked Questions
Can we meet with you?

Yes! We prefer and encourage our clients to meet with us before their event. We take great pride in our customer service and offer unlimited consultations via face-to-face meetings, phone calls and emails to discuss, review and finalize all the details. We will also meet and work with your other event staff to ensure that your event is successful!

How can we reserve your services?

Upon agreement of your event date, we require a non-refundable reservation fee and signed contract to reserve our services for that date. The remaining balance will be due 10 days prior to your event.



How far in advance do we need to reserve a DJ?

Some people reserve their DJ a year in advance; others reserve their DJ 6 months or less in advance. We specialize in last minute and emergency bookings so please contact us and we will do everything possible to DJ your event! Please keep in mind that we only reserve one event per day so that we can focus all of our attention on YOU and your special event for that day!

What sets you apart from other DJ services?

Not only do we work to guarantee you are provided with the highest quality of customer service; we offer unlimited pre-planning assistance for your event! We also offer State-Of-The-Art Sound Systems and Professional Lighting Packages to customize your event! We aretotally digital; meaning ALL of our music is in MP3 format and located on our special DJ software loaded on our laptop! We do not have to rummage through a stack of CD’s for a particular song; all of our music is just one click away; literally at our fingertips!

What role does a DJ play at a Wedding Ceremony and/or Wedding Reception?

For Wedding Ceremonies; MJDJ Service plays the Bride and Groom’s requested “Guest Arrival” music, along with all the music they have chosen for their Wedding Ceremony, such as: Wedding Party Procession, Bride Procession, Recessional music and any other special music the Bride and Groom would like played during their Wedding Ceremony. Not only do we play the Bride and Groom’s requested music at their Wedding Reception; we are also your Emcee; which includes but is not limited to: announcing Special Events such as The Wedding Party and Bride/Groom Grand Entrance (we also help line everyone up in the order they will be introduced!), Bride/Groom First Dance, announcing Dinner, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Special Dances such as the Father/Daughter dance and Mother/Son dance, Garter Removal/Toss, Bouquet Toss, Grand Exit and any other special events you have planned for your Wedding Reception. When we arrive at your Wedding Ceremony and/or Reception we will provide all of your vendors a printed timeline of events so the Photographer, Videographer, Caterer and all other vendors know what event is happening at what time. We also coordinate and ensure that key people involved in your reception such as your Toasters, the Father of the Bride and Mother of the Groom are ready before their special roles take place.

How will you dress for our event?

For Wedding Ceremonies and Receptions; we will dress in formal attire unless you specify otherwise. For parties: you tell us what to wear! If there is no preference we will be dressed in professional attire.

Can we have overtime if the event goes longer than anticipated?

Yes! Overtime is most always available. It is offered in one half hour increments and can be arranged near the end of the original contracted time. Overtime charges will be discussed and agreed upon before the event.

Can we request songs?

Yes! Please browse our extensive music library. If you can’t find a particular song in our music library, please just let us know before your event and we’ll do our very best to obtain it.

Can our guests make song requests during the event and will you play them?

We have thousands of song titles to choose from. If we have it, we’ll play it! (If you are allowing guest requests for the evening!)

Will you drink alcohol during our event?

Not under any circumstances! Our company policy is: No consumption of alcohol before or during any event! You will notice the advantages of having a sober DJ.

Who controls the volume?

You do, you’re the boss!

Do you have a microphone that we can use?

A wireless microphone will be provided for any toasts or special occasions and announcements.

Do we tip the DJ?

If at the end of the night you feel we have surpassed your expectations and you would like to tip us, we would accept it as the utmost compliment.

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